Vakarufalhi Maldives – Spa

Republic of Maldives, Maldives

Feeling stressed or tired? Want to re-charge your energy, and rejuvenate body and mind? Step into our world of care, where time is left at the door and a new journey begins. At Duniye Spa we have created a space of healing to promote a deep sense of calm, joy and serenity within you.

Experience the balance between inner and outer beauty that brings a feeling of contentment. Drift away with a combination of oriental traditions and modern skincare in our nurturing and inspiring ambience.


Nurture your body, calm your mind, inspire your soul.

We take inspiration from traditional and modern therapies from around the globe. But with an emphasis on regional healing traditions from Asia & Africa. Our professional and caring team provides treatments with a high-touch and low-tech approach.

HealingEarth™ and PURE™ product lines are developed in line with latest scientific research. These contain only the purest natural active ingredients to deliver outstanding results.

We are here to serve, to inspire – to share our passion for beauty, healing and well-being.


Signature Treatments**

Sense of Touch
Our signature massage: Combining the world’s best massage techniques, inspired by African healing traditions. Our ‘miracle’ Marula & Neroli body balm is enriched with antioxidants, to moisturise and hydrate your skin while reviving your senses.

75 minutes US$ 120

Heaven on Earth
The ultimate body & face ritual: Increase your energy levels and relieve aches and pains with our Oriental massage. A nourishing hand therapy and hydrating facial completes this top to toe ritual.

90 minutes US$ 142

Maldivian Island Paradise
Our bespoke signature ritual uses the essence of coconut from top to toe, to give shiny and lustrous hair, smooth and soft skin, profound and deep relaxation.

  • Balinese or muscle ease massage with your choice of coconut oil or muscle relax aromatic oil blend
  • coconut hair mask with head massage
  • freshly ground coconut-vanilla body polish
  • application of coconut body lotion

120 minutes US$ 186


Couples Indulgence **

Full Moon Magic
An enchanting ritual to captivate your senses as you connect to the vital power of The Elements.

  • Balinese massage
  • choice of body polish with indulgent head and foot massage
  • tropical bath infusion
  • organic mini facial
  • champagne and fruits
  • spa gift for your spa experience at home

135 minutes US$ 392 per couple

Honeymoon Indulgence
A relaxing body treatment set in a romantic scene. After our signature foot-bath:

For her: choice of Balinese or Oriental massage, firming Mongongo body polish, replenishing hair-scalp massage with warm coconut oil.

For him: deep tissue back or muscle ease massage, invigorating ginger-lemongrass body polish, reflexology.

105 minutes US$ 322 per couple

Him & Her
In a candlelit room with the aromas of essential oils, indulge in a Balinese massage followed by champagne to savour after this treatment.

75 minutes US$ 228 per couple

** Our recommendation:
Complete with a tropical bath ceremony with pure floral aroma essences and a tropical refreshment.

20 minutes US$ 22 per person/US$ 34 per couple


Massages of the World

60 minutes US$ 108

90 minutes US$ 130

Stress Reliever Back Massage/ Hot Stones
Therapeutic, deeply relaxing hot stone massage focusing on back and upper body area. For profound deep healing of muscle tension.

Option: can be taken as back massage without hot stones.

Balinese Massage
Gentle and calming massage using acupressure, skin rolling and relaxing strokes to restore and calm mind and body. The perfect introduction to massages if you are new to it.

Oriental Massage
Restoring and balancing, using stronger pressure and a combination of Balinese, Thai and Indian head massage.

Thai Massage
Energising and uplifting, this ‘yoga’ massage opens joints and improves flexibility and alignment (no oil used).

Muscle Ease Massage
Invigorating deep tissue massage using stronger pressure and Swedish massage techniques to wring away tension and stress.

Aromatherapy Massage
A holistic massage, using a personalised blend of massage oil.These are tailored to your mood and feelings to bring upon peace and tranquility to your body, mind, and soul. Using gentle rhythmic strokes, this massage promotes lymphatic drainage and healing.

Massage ‘A la Carte’
Tailor your massage to focus purely on your areas of choice to address tension and discomfort in specific muscle groups. Choose your preferred time duration and massage style for a truly unique and personalised experience.


Facial Care

Facials by Healing Earth™ premium features a 100% organic product that includes highly celebrated antioxidant-rich pinotage grape seed oil and the most active botanical essences.

Skin fit is a technique created to stimulate deep muscles in the face. It makes use of traditional Gua Sha stones, Rose Quartz, and Jade Rollers. Stimulating, firming, and lifting the skin to reinvigorate muscles and promote graceful aging.

Skin Fit – Vita Firming Facial
Suitable for all skin types, but particularly beneficial to mature, dry, or dehydrated skin. Improves skin elasticity, minimising visibly fine lines, and the onset signs of aging. With the use of Matrixyl™ and Cranberry, combined with trienzyme fruit acids, the skin is deeply exfoliated. This promotes the restructuring process of collagen and the vitamin boost to visibly revive the youthful and radiant appearance of your skin.

75 minutes US$ 118

Skin Fit – Pinotage Hydra Facial
Suitable for him and her; oxygenated skin, long lasting, deep hydrating facial that resotres the skin’s brilliance and radiance. This uses highly concentrated, purely organic serums tailored to your individual skin concerns. The facials are customised to your skin type to ensure visible results. Our skin therapist will advise the best treatment options for you.

60 minutes US$ 108

The Bio-active Performance Facial
Our Healing EarthTM product line is as pure as it gets: 100% organic botanicals, plant extracts, and natural active ingredients blended to perform a truly holistic facial with stunning results. Highly concentrated and technologically advanced serums help create true beauty from inside out.

60 minutes US$108

Enhancer – Beautiful Eyes
Complete your facial with the new technology of EyeSlices: reduces puffiness, dark circles, redness, lines and wrinkles, bringing luminosity to the eye area.

US$ 9.50


Body Care

Cellu-Slim Cappuccino Body
Firm & Tone
The complete body experience using an innovative blend of coffee and Body Complex 3TM to improve micro circulation, eliminating stretch marks and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This treatment includes a full-body exfoliation, as well as a thermo cellulite slim mask. Enjoy firm, toned, and smooth skin as a result. Let your senses drift away with the captivating scent of cappuccino.

*For best results, we recommend this treatment 2 times per week

75 minutes US$ 122

Tropical Aloe Vera Ritual
Heal & Repair
Too much sun? Let the purest natural remedies cool, repair, and restore your skin. For your body, a cooling and healing Aloe wrap to restore and heal damaged skin. For your face, a hydra-boost skin care that restores radiance and structure to the epidermis.

75 minutes US$ 118

Coconut Body Polish
Exfoliate & Moisturise
Freshly prepared coconut body polish is applied to provide you with a moisturising exfoliation leaving your skin glowing and bright. The perfect preparation for a day on the beach.

60 minutes US$ 96

Ginger Lemongrass Body Polish
Stimulate & Relieve Tension
Prepared with an invigorating and stimulating ginger lemongrass polish to improve skin circulation, release muscle tension and exfoliate. Great after an active day!

60 minutes US$ 96

Enhance with a facial cleanse and exfoliation

15 minutes US$ 24


Beauty Care

Soul 2 Sole
Warm blended coconut oil infused with rosemary is massaged into your scalp, neck, and shoulders. This is followed by Indian traditions to relieve tension and deeply hydrate the hair. Completing the journey of the soul with a sole pressure point reflexology to stimulate energy zones and reflex areas throughout the body. This treatment leaves you in bliss from head to toe.

60 minutes US$ 102

Coconut Hair Cream Bath
A traditional hair treatment infused with the hydration of coconut to leave the hair silky smooth, a perfect treat after a day in the sea. A warm blend of coconut oil is massaged into the scalp, nourishing and softening the hair. Followed by a coconut hair mask wrapped in heated towels to deeply soften and hydrate even the driest hair. Perfectly completed with a neck and shoulder massage, and application of hydrating coconut or frangipani lotion. Expect soft, shiny hair with the tropical scent of coconut.

60 minutes US$ 102

Deluxe Spa Manicure
Luxurious conditioning care for your hands with all the elements of a traditional manicure to leave hands soft and smooth. Includes hand and arm massage and nail polish application.

60 minutes US$ 62

Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Pamper your feet with an aromatic foot soak and scrub, followed by a traditional pedicure and foot massage to relax and enhance the condition of your feet. Nail polish application included.

60 minutes US$ 62

Salon Treatments
Subject to availability: waxing, eyebrow shaping, hair services. Please ask for more information at our spa reception.


Holistic Well-being

Restore your vital energy with our range of traditional therapies, mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation.

Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy
Detox & Rejuvenate
Beginning with a detoxifying foot ritual, this highly relaxing and re-mineralising massage incorporates warmed, ethically sourced Himalayan salt stones. These contain 84 mineral trace elements, which reduce stress, tension, pain, and inflammation. The skin is naturally exfoliated by the stones leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. Experience a deep sense of balance and well-being.

75 minutes US$ 122

Deeply relaxing, balancing treatment to awaken the body’s innate healing ability, by placing hands on key points to allow energy to flow. Limited availability.

60 minutes US$ 99

Working on your foot reflex points to restore balance and support the body’s own healing.

60 minutes US$ 99

Want more treatment time?
Choose from the following time options and customise your treatment. This can only be added to treatments from this service menu:

30-minute treatment time: US$ 40

45-minute treatment time: US$ 58

Optional Enhancements

Enhance your Duniye Spa experience with our ADD ON menu options. These services can be added to any of our treatments.

Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage
An invigorating deep tissue massage focusing on the back area, using massage techniques designed to wring away tension and stress.

30 minutes US$ 5

Express Facial
A treat for your face with all the elements of a traditional facial, using our organic products – short and sweet!

30 minutes US$ 56

Indian Head Massage
Coconut oil massage for shiny hair
Warm blended coconut oil infused with rosemary is massaged onto your scalp following Indian traditions. This is followed by a head, neck, and shoulder massage. Coconut oil is a natural conditioner and provokes new shine. It also aids in protecting your hair from the sun and sea.

30 minutes US$ 56