Vakarufalhi Maldives – Excursions

Republic of Maldive, Maldives

How else can you experience authentic island life than by visiting villages and islands in and around Vakarufalhi? Maximise your Maldives trip by taking on any of our guided excursion trips.


Whale Shark Seeking

Guests will take a traditional dhoni ride to a whale shark spot at Gladden Spit where they can snorkel with the gentle giants. Whale sharks are relatively slow moving animals and are curious but docile. They will often remain close to snorkelers and even boats if not chased or threatened.



The Sandbank experience allows you and your loved one to bask in an uninhabited sandbank island for a day. The island is equipped with a Crusoe style cadjan hut, and for a complete island experience, a picnic with lunch packs and beverages have been prepared. Take this chance to get reacquainted with your loved one and enjoy the island seclusion.



While Vakarufalhi Maldives has one of the best house reefs, there are many other reefs nearby that can be visited as well. We arrange snorkeling excursions that take you to popular snorkeling sites where you can see manta rays, sharks, and turtles.


Discovering a virgin island

Guests leave Vakarufalhi resort at 9:00 am and will be taken to an uninhabited virgin island by traditional dhoni.The day can be spent snorkeling around the beautiful reef with our Marine Biologist who can help you identify aquatic life. This is followed by a delicious BBQ lunch and a bit of sunbathing.


Manta point

A popular adventure where guests can explore a site frequented by manta rays. Guided by our in-house Marine Biologist, you can snorkel and get up close and personal with these mysterious creatures.


Turtle Excursion

A boat ride that gives you the chance to witness the ocean’s gentle giants glide gracefully through the depths of the deep blue ocean. The turtle excursion is the best way to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.


Sunset Cocktail with Lucky Dolphin Seeking

Imagine cruising along at the edge of the islands while you sip on cocktails, munch on canapés, watching a striking sunset scene in the horizon. Once a week, guests are taken out to sea through a traditional dhoni for a sunset cocktail experience. On occasion, guests have been lucky enough to spot a pod of Dolphins playfully frolicking to the fading rays of the light.


Fisherman Village Excursion

Guests will be treated to a trip to the island of Dhangheti and Diguraa, located 25 minutes from Vakarufalhi. Dhangheti has a popular cultural centre that showcases traditional Maldivian lifestyle, craftsmanship, and occupations. Diguraa reflects the simple local village island atmosphere where you can see day to day life of the island’s inhabitants and also do some local shopping for souvenirs and gifts.

This excursion is organised one afternoon a week.


Morning Fishing

Morning Fishing gives you the opportunity to capture the larger species of fish that swim the deeper waters close to the outer reef. This fishing expedition usually occurs during the early morning hours. The most exciting catches include blue marlin, wahoo, large jacks, and sail fish. Along with the unique fishing experience, guests will also enjoy a breathtaking sunrise view, and a chance to experience the beauty of the islands from outside of the atoll.


Sunset Fishing

One of the most popular excursions on offer, sunset fishing gives you an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular sunset while fishing for groupers, snappers, squirrelfish, skipjack and barracuda in the area. Bait fish, weight,lines and hooks are all provided, along with a friendly boat crew.

On request, your catch can be served at dinner on the following day.