Vakarufalhi Maldives – Dining

Republic of Maldive, Maldives

Our Maldives island resort offers buffet spreads and a variety of cocktails. Drop by any of Vakarufalhi Maldives’s dining destinations and treat yourself to a day indulging in sumptuous dishes.

The award-winning kitchen of Vakarufalhi Maldivess provides guests with various specialties from all over the world. Enjoy dishes from Mediterranean cuisine to Arabic, and Asian fare (Japanese, Indian, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, and more).

Our Italian Executive Chef and his multi-ethnic team meticulously prepares each course. So you can take your fill of the home made fresh pasta, original pizza, artisan ice cream, and your choice of sweets and tropical fruits every day.

The island has a hydroponic system used to cultivate basil, salad greens, and other fresh ingredients. We can also prepare variants of our dishes for guests with allergies and special dietary requirements, at extra cost.



Ilaa is an open thatched roof restaurant located on an extended wooden deck. Ilaa represents the truest style of Maldivian dining with modern touches. The cuisine at ILAA is an international buffet with focus on vibrant flavours from Europe and the Mediterranean.


Ihaa Bar (with Live Music)

The Ihaa Bar, offers al fresco dining on a deck overlooking the lagoon. It is the perfect place to sip a thoughtfully prepared drink and unwind to the sight and sounds of the beautiful ocean. The Ihaa bar also provides a line-up of evening entertainment to keep your nights at the Maldives exciting.

On your stop at Ihaa bar, make sure to try our signature cocktail, the Vaka Vaka.


Private Dinners

Private dining is held at prime locations on the island. Starting with simple candle lit dinners under the stars, on the beach and by the sea to scintillating BBQ dinners where your dinner is cooked table-side. Whether it is an intimate dinner for two or a fun dinner under the stars with friends, our culinary team is delighted to cater to your dining needs.